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Evolution Spas hot tubs are crafted to the highest industry standards, made affordable, and built to last. Quality, combined with ease of purchase, delivery, and support, makes it America’s ’ preferred hot tub brand. Read what our customers have to say…

Evolution Spas Venetian

We bought this spa a few months ago in the fall. It has been a great purchase for us. We love soaking outside, watching stars on cold dark nights. It gets used almost every day. Seats are comfortable. Love the lounger. Works well so far!

Evolution Spas Venetian

The unit is wonderful. Powerful jets. Great lights. Wonderful bluetooth sound system. We had an issue with the motor about 5 months in but they sent a new part and had it installed in no time, at no cost to us. Great service!

Evolution Spas Rockland EX

I bought the tub in June and its November now and everything is going well. Delivery was smooth. I had an electrician hookup 240 which I highly recommend. I had a 110 tub before and they are good enough in warm weather, but in winter its nice to have the extra power. You can tell the quality is not the same as a $10K dealer tub, but it also doesn’t cost $10K. The insulation inside is a bit lacking, but again, that’s one of the big features on a high-end tub. There were some rough spots with sharp edges. We called and someone came out to fix it 3 days later. They sanded it down and all is good. The jets are good enough for me, the size is amazing for 2, great for 4 and probably tight for 6. We had 7 kids in there though. I recommend this tub if you’re looking for an entry level tub. I had an inflatable one for a few years and this is much better for the extra money.

Evolution Spas Rockland EX

We bought this in December. The website stated it would take 4-6 weeks and it took the full 6 weeks. We are happy with the Hot tub, it looks great and works great. The jets are powerful for a home spa. The lights are great for setting the mood and the waterfall is nice. The cover is good quality. The tub fills up fast and heated up to 103 degrees in about 4 hours from freezing cold water. It is a little difficult to get the panels off if you need to access any mechanical and they didn’t send my stairs with the tub which I deducted a star for these reasons only.

With Evolution Spas, It’s Easy to Build

Your Backyard Oasis

At Evolution Spas, we make it easy to build your own, fully-customized spa. With dozens of hot tubs and custom parts to choose from, you can build your own unique relaxation experience – right in your own backyard. Pick your favourite model and choose from Mahogany Wood to Gray Provincial cabinet colours, acrylic shell marble finish, and many other specifications. Visit to get started and discover all of the available models today.